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 Me and My Friend making some cake

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PostSubject: Me and My Friend making some cake   Fri Jul 03, 2009 5:08 am

This was hillarious.One night when I had my friend over and we were home alone because my parents went to a party and my sister was gone. We decided to make some cake!!! So we made the cake batter even after breaking an egg on the floor and cleaning that mess up. :P Then we decided we didnt wanna cook it so we could just eat the batter. It was about midnight when my mom called and said she was coming home we washed all the dishes really quick so she wouldnt know(but we broke a wine glass on accident and my mom though it just broke lol).Then we put the rest of the batter in a water bottle and some butter container or something and put them in my closet. When my parents were home we were almost done with everything but not quite so we hurried and put everything away that we used and we had chocolate all over our shirts so we put on our pajamas so my mom wouldn't notice.When we thought my mom was done bugging us w shut the door and started eatting more cake batter but then my mom walked in so I take what my had and throw it in my closet and my mom didnt even notice!!! Then a few days later my mom found the shirt that was chocolate stained so i had to tell her. That was the best sleep over ever!!!
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PostSubject: Re: Me and My Friend making some cake   Fri Jul 03, 2009 6:06 am

lol! sounds fun.
i want some cake now!
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Me and My Friend making some cake
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