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 this is all rap

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PostSubject: this is all rap   this is all rap I_icon_minitimeTue Jul 31, 2012 12:52 am

Hey guys here is a rap now...hope you like it..its called superhero vs. villains

like Batman & superman
if they could save the world then i can
Screw these super villains
they got nothing on
I got the super heros goku & krillin
like grown-ups
we fight our own battles
but ya babiies
ya need ur own rattles
so do ur self a favor & step back
a pat on ur shoulder
let me come and take over
im baddest of all
villains are there
just give me a call
they can't fight me for long
im strong & powerful like king-kong
oooo i 4 gotten
ur his side kick like robbin
oo look at all these men
im so flexible & do much damage like cat women
im untouchable
close your mouth I know im also incredible
So all you villains
step back u guys are zeros
but let us take over cause were the super heros!

hope you like this one better =)
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this is all rap
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